What you need to know about Tax-Free Childcare

There has been so much information about government initiatives around childcare over the last few months. If you are confused about what you are entitled to, then this article may help. We are able to offer both 15 hours and 30 hours of funding at Beaumont House, and this does make a considerable difference… Read more »

Why water play is wonderful!

All children are fascinated by water and you only have to see how much time children spend ‘washing’ their hands given half the chance, to realise that flooding the bathroom is all part of the learning experience! We have water play experience both inside and outside at nursery and are always looking for new oppportunities… Read more »

Many of us are familiar with the expression ‘baby brain’, but scientists have proved that not only does it exist, but that it can actually be beneficial for new mums. If you’ve had a crazy Christmas and feel that you are struggling a bit to remember things either during pregnancy or after the birth of… Read more »