Enabling Environment

Here at Beaumont House Day Nursery we are really excited about our fabulous environment. We have brought together years of experience in early years and the latest research in to how children learn, to have a stimulating, exciting and above all, fun place to be. The nursery spaces are designed to put children at the heart of everything, so throughout the planning phase, we have asked, ‘what is it like to be a child here’. Displays are at child height, small cosy spaces exist next to larger open ones, and children can access most of the resources by themselves.

We work closely with an interior designer, as well as nursery experts, to provide a really unique environment, which is calm and uncluttered but with an artistic touch. We have three rooms for different age groups:

The baby room is designed to be calm and cosy, with a funky twist, including our own indoor tree. We have lots of space for art and craft activities, a sociable eating area, cosy book corner, and a climbing frame and slide, which is very popular. We then have a separate sleep area with cots and dream coracles for peaceful sleeping, away from all the activity in the room. The adjoining bathroom and milk kitchen allow us to always be in close contact with all the children in the rooms and also encourages independence with hand-washing and personal hygiene.

Once children are mobile and about 2 years old, they move into our 2’s room, which provides them with new resources to stimulate their development and hold their curiosity. This room is busy and exciting for the children and they enjoy the slightly more ‘grown up’ pace of life.

Once the children are about 3 years old, they move into pre-school, which they are already familiar with from visits, and from shared activities. Life in pre-school provides interest, challenge and fun, and prepared children for their move into school. They undertake more structured activities, including using our digital table and other ICT resources. Each Wednesday they enjoy learning Mandarin with Jolene, our visiting teacher.

All our rooms are air-conditioned, ventilated and have purpose-designed lighting schemes, so that a day at nursery is enjoyable for all ages of children.

Our outside area allows us to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and we are also ideally located for trips and outings to parks and within the local community. It is hard to describe what we offer in words, so the best thing is to come and visit us!