The power of physical play

Physical Literacy

At Beaumont House Day Nursery we are very aware that children learn with their bodies (physical literacy) as much as they do with their minds, so our environments are set up to allow maximum movement and use of different physical skills. In the Baby Room, the slide and climbing frame is always available to the babies. They use this to help them with crawling, walking, sliding and climbing and all children use it in different ways. Once the children move into the Toddler Room, they have another, slightly more challenging climbing frame and again, this is used in so many ways as part of their everyday play.

In the pre-school room, the children have a large space to explore and can change parts of the environment to meet their needs. They often decide to change the layout of the home corner, the birdwatching hide or the construction area, depending on their current interests. All the children enjoy plenty of time outside, where they get to use all their muscles and develop their gross motor skills further. The babies and toddlers go out in the buggies and on foot, both to the garden and in the local area. The pre-schoolers know that they can plan their day to include something they are interested in; last week they were enjoying ‘The Stick Man’ story, so decided to head down to The Green to collect some sticks for themselves.

Our Furniture

Most of our furniture is sourced from Community Playthings, who make some of the best equipment for Early Years. They also run a lot of training for practitioners and have some really lovely films to support this training. You may be interested to see a trailer for one of their training films about outdoor play, it summarises the importance of outdoor play beautifully. Do talk to us if you are interested in how we plan for outdoor play with your child.